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The New Toronto 3 - Tory Lanez


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If this project is anything to go by then after ten years in the game, Tory Lanez’ journey is only just getting started as he delivers an immersive experience that sees him do what he does best both sonically and lyrically – having overcome trials and tribulations both publicly and personally – to start a new chapter of his career in the best form of his life. – Aaron Bishop (Clash Music)

Throughout this record he laces braggadocio with vulnerability, proving his claims of enduring relevance. This is the end of one chapter, but Lanez’s story is far from over. –Jordan Bassett (NME)

By ensuring his every possible wart and scar is exposed, Lanez invites listeners to become intimately acquainted with the man behind the music. From the diamonds on the chains he hedonistically spits about while prospering to the shameless confessions he unveils at the nadir of despair, the way Lanez embraces his flaws makes his music stand out. –Kyle Mullin (Exclaim!)

This is hands down my favorite Tory Lanez project to date as well as the best New Toronto. –Meami

Tory Lanez’s fifth studio album The New Toronto 3 is a microcosm of his discography: smooth pace and energized performances yet momentary lapses of stagnation en route to the finish line. –Dana Scott (HipHopDX)

The New Toronto 3 - Tory Lanez
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