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‘Future Nostalgia’ is a bright, bold collection of pop majesty to dance away your anxieties to… if only for a little while. –Rhian Daly (NME)

For the most part, the songs on Future Nostalgia manage to live up to the record’s title — their insistent hooks and impeccable construction make them as well-suited to viral dance crazes as they are for spins around the roller disco. –Maura Johnston (Entertainment Weekly)

The feel-good nature of Future Nostalgia is enough to momentarily divert our attention from the stress-inducing state of the world. These songs proudly flaunt Lipa’s affinity for all things pop, disco, and funk, spanning multiple decades. –Brad Garcia (Exclaim!)

By mining the music of her childhood, Lipa has established a more cohesive artistic vision than on her debut but failed to make a convincing case for her place in pop’s A-list. –Conrad Duncan (Under The Radar)

Honestly, there isn’t a duff track on here. Every beat is elastic, every note and sample bold and shiny. Future Nostalgia is 37 minutes of pure sonic spandex. –Helen Brown (The Independent)

Without collapsing under the pressure of high expectations,  Lipa managed to deliver a package that was somehow sleeker, cooler, and more compulsively listenable than her first outing. –Neil Z. Yeung (AllMusic)

‘Future Nostalgia’ is an empowering, dynamic pop cavort from start to finish. Dua’s compelling vocals, hooks and beats are a force to be reckoned with, daring you not to boogie around your bedroom. –Yasmin Cowan (Clash Music)

Future Nostalgia is a breathtakingly fun, cohesive and ambitious attempt to find a place for disco in 2020. –Brittany Spanos (Rolling Stone)

The thrill of Future Nostalgia—the title itself a claim to modern classic status—is in hearing her tailor the retro-funk form to suit her commanding attitude. –Anna Gaca (Pitchfork)

Future Nostalgia is an artist in total control. It’s built on such an addictive carefree spirit that it’s hard not to let loose and go with it. –Chris Taylor (The Line of Best Fit)

Future Nostalgia - Dua Lipa
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