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From the exhilarating melodies to the positive, hope-filled lyrics, ‘Chromatica’ is a celebration – and a well-deserved one at that. –Hannah Mylrea (NME)

Her choices can be puzzling, and not every song is a success, but that unpredictability is what makes her exciting and leaves us coming back for more. So maybe Gaga doesn’t know who she truly is yet. It’s still enjoyable to watch her figure it out. –Patrick Gomez (A.V. Club)

Like that fancy ol’ bottle of champagne, Chromatica looks amazing on the outside but when push comes to shove, the content found within its posh exterior lacks the fizz required to make it completely pop. –Simon K. (Sputnikmusic)

More than ten years after she burst onto the scene with her Madonna-worshipping, take-no-prisoners maximalist dance-pop, Gaga has finally made a worthy follow-up to the album that made us fall in love with her in the first place. –Joe Rivers (Clash Music)

Returning to the sound of her maximalist electro-pop heyday, Gaga explores buried trauma, mental illness and the complexities of fame on this return to form –Michael Cragg (The Guardian)

Chromatic is an extravagant, sometimes even overblown album – but I suspect it will keep revealing itself over time. –Alexandra Pollard (The Independent)

Chromatica - Lady Gaga
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