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Chance the Rapper opens “Acid Rap,” his second, self-released mix tape, with a boast: “Even better than I was the last time, baby.” It’s hard to argue with him. –Greg Kot (Chicago Tribune)

Acid Rap isn’t trying to be an alternative; it’s an attempt to encompass everything. There are shout outs, musical or lyrical, to practically every important Chicago tradition short of Thrill Jockey. –Jeff Weiss (Pitchfork)

With simple rhyme schemes, by no means is Chance an incredible rapper, but he is true to his artistry, the person he’s growing into and is becoming a force in the new age rap realm. –Erin Lowers (Exclaim!)

Chance captures both sides of summer on Acid Rap, an intoxicatingly soulful listen that’s often as bright and joyous as those long-awaited first days of open-window weather, but also that’s sobered by the understanding that the city’s most beautiful days are also its most dangerous. –Evan Rytlewski (AV Club)

But on his wildly anticipated, unshakably confident second mixtape, the Chicagoan speaks in his own distinctive and eccentric voice. It’s a voice that shifts, with jolt, between fleet rapping and rap-singing. –Jody Rosen (Rolling Stone)

The rising MC believes there’s hope for a better Chicago on his latest mixtape –Adam Kivel (Consequence of Sound)

Try to be negative on this –Shawn Cee

A lot of the beats on this project are impressive as hell, but Chance often puts hooks, ad-libs, and instrumentals ahead of the quality and cohesion of his lyrical content. –The Needle Drop

Acid Rap - Chance the Rapper
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